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Aquapark in Moravská Třebová was developed as complete reconstuction of public swimming pool. You can relax in:
- main swimming pool for adults (
with 4 separate swimming tracks)
- pool for children (includes various water attractions like water "mushroom", fountains, wall-jets, water benches with air bubble massage and "rocking" pool This place also offers to it's visitors water slides 51 and 29m length .
Temperature of water in pools warmed by heating. This place for entertainment is also perfect for disabled people. For your maximum comfort Aquapark offers also small snack bar.
Moravská Třebová has newly reconstructed renaissance castle (aprox. 1 minute walking from our Restaurant). You can visit various exhibitions. One of them is showing "geological composition of land in Moravská Třebová area". Another that you can visit right now, is called "Et in Hollandia ego..." that presents the Netherlands painters from 17th till early years of 18th century. This exhibition shows part of library from National Gallery Prague, and includes also graphic arts and "Fajasia of Delft".
Museum in Moravská Třebová presnts to public exhibition called "Collection of Mr.Holzmaier" - non-European art. Collection was founded vznikla na začátku 20. století, vystaveno je na 270 exponátů z Indie, Barmy, Japonska, Číny, starověkého Egypta (např. sarkofág s mumií ženy). "Historie Moravskotřebovska" (stručně o vývoji města s důrazem na památky 18. století). Pro muzeum byla v letech 1904-06 postavena samostatná budova (v parku, asi 5 minut chůze od centra směr Svitavy). Knihovna s badatelnou státního okresního archivu (přístupná v úterý a čtvrtek 8-12 a 13-15 hodin, ve středu do 16.30 hodin, v pátek dopoledne).
Now transformed to museum of wood hunters. You can see there exposition of various species from insects to beasts. Castle was built at middle of 13th century and after overrun with Swedish soldiers was rebuilt to baroque style at 17th century by Italian architect Domenico Martinelli. Musem exhibition also presents samples of poacher's weapons. Part of exhibition is also galery of famous painter L. Bartoš from town Šumperk.
This castle has all original equipment. Most valuable part of castle is chapel with gothic altar decorated with sepulchral stones. Castle's armory and gothic hall are equipped with samples of Middle Ages weapons like protecting shields and swords used for execution. In new gothic style are also built "pile hall", room between north and east palace that's decorated with gothic paintings. Guest rooms are on first floor of north palace. Representative rooms with knight's hall and hunter's hall are located on second floor. These rooms are decorated with paintings in new renaissance paintings with rich carver's works.
Industrial Museum Mladějov is not-profit organization managing area of former fireclay company with neat 600 mm narrow-gauge railway located in  small village Mladějově na Moravě. This organization tries to transform abolished factory provozu to technical open-air museum showing evolution of our industry in last century. Museum can be visited during summer tourist season, or after telephonic deal. Museum also organizes trips with steam train and other exhibitions of museum collections.
Ruin of castle located on hill over small village "Městečko Trnávka", founded by first Master of coat of arms of battlements on Moravia. Castle was established at  1308. Elongated shape of peak hill had impact on building plan. Castle hadn't tower and was protected with housing wall. Boundary of castle area was had a round shape. At 17th century, during 30 years long war was castle resided and developed with emperor's garrison. Later in this castle lived officers and at 1776 burned down and a become desolated.

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